Wojciech Rowinski

Scania Rus, Managing Director

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Wojciech Rowinski, General Director of Scania-Rus LLC.
Born in 1967 in Poland. Headed Scania in Russia in August 2017. He has 20 years of experience at Scania, including in leadership positions in many markets and in the parent company in Sweden. Immediately prior to his appointment to the current position, he held the position of CEO of Scania Poland.
In 1993, he successfully graduated from the Faculty of Automotive and Heavy Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology and defended his master's thesis in the field of special forestry transport. In addition, he completed his training at the Scania Marketing Academy, then at the Stockholm School of Economics under an international management program. In 2016 graduated from a program for senior management at the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley University of California).
Married, have three children.

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