Prasanna Lal Das

The World Bank, Lead KM Officer

About speaker

Prasanna Lal Das works on data policy and strategy, disruptive tech, and digital platforms at the World Bank Group. His publications include ‘Internet of Things – the next government to business platform’ which describes the potential of IoT to help governments improve competitiveness and simplify the business environment and ‘Harnessing Data Technologies for Better Development’ which describes policy options for individuals, firms and governments. His current work explores technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI applied to inclusion, SME growth and entrepreneurship ecosystem diagnostics.
Prior to this Prasanna managed the Bank Group’s open financial data program and led the development of its open trade and competitiveness data platform. Prasanna has worked extensively in the private sector helping companies develop strategies to use information as a competitive asset. He has also worked as a journalist and in the computer games industry.
Prasanna holds a Master’s degree in Modern Indian History.