Valery Prunier

EDF, Open Innovation Director - Europe & International

About speaker

From material scientist (10 years in nuclear, 2 in Japan), Valery evolved toward R&D management and international collaboration.
Valery co-founded the successful NUGENIA, an international collaborative initiative in Gen II & III nuclear power plant R&D. Similarly, Valery Prunier co-founded I2US in 2017 : an international Innovation-to-Business Corporate-to-Corporate initiative, with today 15 Corporates from 11 countries.

Valery worked 8 years in the USA.He served from 2012 to 2015 as EDF Open Innovation Director for North America, based in San Francisco. He is now in Paris as EDF Open Innovation Director for Europe and International.
Valery is serving the whole EDF Group - a global leading low carbon energy Corporate - building win-win opportunities between start-ups or innovative projects and EDF Group.

Valery is also active as an entrepreneur on micro-hydro. Valery was a mayor of a French village in Champagne. Valery is married and has a 14 years old boy, who is studying Russian!

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