Артем Ермолаев

АНО "Умные города", Президент, профессор практики ВШЭ

О спикере

Artem graduated from the State University of Management (Moscow) with a degree in National and Global Economy in 1998. After graduation Artem worked in the private sector for ten years, holding various posts in the biggest telecommunications companies. For instance, he headed the project on design and launch of new generation networks while coordinating the leading mobile operators.
In 2008 Artem joined the Ministry of Communications and Media of the Russian Federation where he became Director of National IT Policy Department, and then the Advisor to the Minister.
In 2010 he was offered a post of the Chairman of the Moscow IT Committee. In 2011 Artem headed the newly established IT Department as the Minister of IT of the Moscow Government.
Under his leadership Moscow IT Department has made a major contribution to the digital transformation of Moscow. Artem coordinated building the ICT infrastructure for e-health, e-education, public services delivery, and citizen engagement projects. He was also responsible for designing Moscow Digital strategy 2030 aimed at completing digitalization in Moscow.
Currently he is launching a new project, NGO “Smart cities”, aggregating his expertise in smart cities and connecting activities from government, consulting, business and academy to share the experience on city management, citizen engagement, business communications, and consultancy and to provide some visionary insights that can be applied by cities and companies.

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