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GSD Venture Studios, CEO, President, Co-founder

О спикере

Gary Fowler co-founded GSD Venture Studios one of the most successful AI Global Venture Studios. He also co-founded the top Russian accelerators GVA LaunchGurus and SKOLKOVO Startup Academy where over 30% of the companies went on to raise funds. He co-founded 14 companies, including GSD Venture Studios, Yva.ai, Broadiant, Fowler international, GVA LaunchGurus, DY Investments, etc. ClickSoftware the company he was on the original management team and shareholder. The company was sold to SalesForce for 1.35 billion dollars several weeks ago. He was won numbers awards and most recently he was named one of the "Top 10 Most Influential AI Executives” for 2019. Most recently Gary has co-founded and significantly grown,Yva.ai, an AI company with his partner, Dr. David Yang (ABBYY). He passionate about AI. He is a contributing writer on AI at Forbes, Medium and other publications. He lives with his wife Katia in Silicon Valley.

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