Жан-Ноэль Ривассо

Kameleoon, CTO and founder

О спикере

Jean-Noël is the founder of Kameleoon and an internationally recognized expert in AI innovation and software development. In a twist on Silicon Valley norms, rather than a garage he began developing Kameleoon’s software in an attic! He took on the role of CTO in 2014 to focus on the next wave of innovation he wanted to bring to the platform, particularly around AI-based personalization. He currently lives in Moscow, Russia, where he heads our R&D teams.

With over 15 years of experience Jean-Noël’s main expertise lies in creating innovative products and companies, and then managing the teams that will allow them to grow successfully.
He holds Masters degrees in Computer Science from both the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and the École Polytechnique in France

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